Looking for a proofreader?

Are you a student or academic? Do you want to ensure your thesis, dissertation, journal article or book is thoroughly checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting errors?

I can help.

“It is a sheer pleasure to work with Emma. She is professional, efficient and is willing to be flexible in order to support me. On several occasions, she literally prioritised my tasks and saved my life before huge deadlines. Such an attitude goes well beyond a good proofreader. I can feel that she cares and wants her clients to succeed.”

— Joy Zhang, Doctoral student, Oxford University

“Emma is no doubt the best proofreader I have met. I have worked with her many times and she has never disappointed me. Emma is definitely the first name that appears in my head when I need a proofreader.”

— Qiaoyu Luo, Doctoral student, Oxford University

Whatever you’re writing, I’d love to work with you to get your text ready to submit. Get in touch!